Medical Sales: Don’t Apologize for Offering Value

Why do so many medical sales reps sound like they’re apologizing during their sales calls? Maybe it’s because they’re not convinced of the value they offer.

In this podcast, Mace describes a different way to think about your sales calls, including some things to think about before you ever walk in the door.

Give a listen and leave a comment, would you?

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4 thoughts on “Medical Sales: Don’t Apologize for Offering Value”

  1. Thank You! I will not feel apologetic for taking the time to see the dr. Can I ask what value will I offer if my product has not been extensively tested in comparative studies to determine its effectiveness to other products? In fact, my product offered work almost similarly to the line of products the Dr carries?

  2. It’s difficult to make a comparison if your product doesn’t have extensive testing. If you say your product works similarly to the line of products the doctor uses, you must be able to demonstrate its equivalency.

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