If you could only focus on one thing to win in medical sales, what would it be?

Medical sales professionals wear many hats, providing a multitude of services for their customers and their customer’s patients.  If you had to choose one area to focus your energies and attention in order to achieve the greatest return on your effort, what would that be?  In this episode of The Medical Sales Guru Podcast, Mace Horoff discusses the one area where you must maintain a focus because this is the one area that won’t take care of itself.


How to Bridge the Gap Between Being Perceived as a Product-Pusher vs. a Medical Sales Professional

Consultative Selling — the term has become cliche…everyone in medical sales knows the term and says it, but the reality is not everyone is doing it! The challenges of selling to healthcare customers can create an environment and mindset where consultative selling is difficult.  In this edition of The Medical Sales Guru Podcast, Mace Horoff addresses the main cause of  “the gap” and talks about what you need to do to avoid being perceived as just another product-pusher as opposed to a valued link in the chain of patient care.


Medical Sales When Customers Act Like They’re Better Than You

We hear this question often from people who are just beginning their medical sales careers: “What do you do when customers act like they’re better than you?” If you have never had it happen, you’re probably doing all the right things…or you just weren’t paying attention! It’s not necessarily a bad thing when it happens, in fact, it may be an opportunity. Mace Horoff discusses the frequent causes when medical professionals attempt to let sales people know who the real authority is and how to handle it.


How unrecognized complacency and arrogance in my medical sales career cost me business–and it will do the same for you!

If you are a medical sales professional, at some point in your career you have either dealt with or will be dealing with these destructive attitudes…but will you recognize it before it’s too late?  In this episode of The Medical Sales Guru Podcast, Mace Horoff shares with you how his own attitudes in one of his hospital accounts cost him ten years of stable, recurring business.  He is certainly not proud of what happened, but Mace hopes that hearing his story will help you avoid rolling out the red carpet to your competitors like he did.  If you don’t recognize the warning signs, your business is in big trouble!  Arrogance never goes unpunished.


Medical Sales During an Economic Downturn…What Should You Do?

Whether the economy is good or bad, people will always need health care, but the current economic conditions have some medical sales reps crying the blues while others are having their best year ever.  Much of it depends on which segment of the market you sell in, but either way, there are things you must do and continue to do if you want to survive and thrive.  In this episode of The Medical Sales Guru Podcast, medical sales speaker Mace Horoff discusses a few best practices to get through these challenging times.


Calling on Difficult Healthcare Customers When You Would Rather Not

Do you have customers in your territory that are so annoying, so nasty, or you just know that they will never buy from you and as a result you don’t call on them very often?  You’re missing a great opportunity to have fun with these customers and get better at what you do, which is SELL!  In this episode of The Medical Sales Guru Podcast, medical sales speaker Mace Horoff talks about how you can put these customers to good use to advance the sales in your territory and keep these customers from becoming a problem.


Sales Hesitation When Selling to Healthcare Customers Who Are Friends

Many medical sales professionals develop great friendships with their healthcare customers, and there are certainly many benefits.  But it is not uncommon to find sales representatives who hesitate to sell to their friends out of the fear of harming the friendship.  This is a dangerous misconception and it can harm your business AND your friendship.  Listen to this episode of the Medical Sales Guru Podcast as Mace Horoff describes his own experience with the problem and how it changed when a customer/friend told it “like it is.”


Stop Making Excuses…What Are the Real Reasons Why Your Healthcare Customers Buy?

Understanding the real reasons why your customers buy will dispel many of the standard excuses we frequently hear when they don’t.  Sure, all of the things that you think are important to your customers are…but their priorities might be a bit different than you would expect.  In this edition of The Medical Sales Guru Podcast, Mace Horoff discusses the results of a retail buying survey to help you understand what your healthcare customers really want when selecting products and services.


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