How Intuitive Selling Can Hold Back Medical Sales

You’re a medical sales pro. In any situation, you know what to do and what to say. It comes naturally. You go by what your gut is telling you. It’s your . . .


Selling by intuition can be beneficial. It could also be detrimental.


Listen as Mace describes how overcoming the urge to sell intuitively paid off (eventually) and why you should think before you act.

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How to “Earn the Right” in Medical Sales

Professional medical sales representatives don’t carelessly throw around words without knowing what the words mean.

Reps who are new in a territory or trying to land a new customer often discuss “earning the right” to do business with that customer. What does that mean. How do you earn the right? How long does it take?

Join Mace as he explores, defines, and suggests ways for you to “Earn the Right” so you can accelerate the outcomes you seek in your territory.

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Get Comfortable Making Healthcare Customers Uncomfortable

Happy 2017 . . . and before you get too comfortable in the New Year, let’s talk about getting uncomfortable. How? By making your customers Un-Comfortable. It’s not just smart, it’s really what you get paid to do. It will all make sense when you listen . . .

And it’s a good way to think and act differently in the New Year.

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Ideas to Rock Your Medical Sales Territory in 2017

All medical sales reps look forward to having a good year.

Whether you’re starting a new year, or well into the current one, here are some ideas that will help to ensure you’re maximizing the sales opportunities in your territory.

Your competitors will greatly appreciate it if you don’t listen to this 🙂 !

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Medical Sales Call Frequency and The Value of Being Seen

In medical sales, it is important to be seen. Why? Because customers are more likely to buy from sales reps they see on a regular basis than those who show up only when it’s time for a sale.

So, how often should you be seen? How much is “enough?”

This and some of those other nagging questions are answered in this episode of The Medical Sales Guru Podcast.

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Medical Sales: Why Dropping Off Brochures is a REALLY Bad Idea

Okay medical sales rep –admit it. You’re guilty. You’ve done it.

You’ve visited an account, and when you didn’t get in to see your target prospect, you left a brochure . . . and you probably felt like you did something productive.


Dropping off brochures is pervasive in medical sales. And it’s a bad idea that might be costing you sales.

Take a few minutes to learn why you shouldn’t do it and what true medical sales professionals do instead.

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How Medical Sales Reps Commit Malpractice Every Day (and how to avoid it!)


That’s something that only happens to doctors and other healthcare professionals, right?

Well, it depends on what you mean by malpractice. Medical sales (maybe you) representatives commit malpractice all the time.

Okay, the word “malpractice” might be a stretch, but I use it to make a point…a point that’s important enough for me to discuss on this episode.

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Building Trust That Matters in Medical Sales

Trust. It’s one of those terms that medical sales reps know, but don’t often think about.

Trust must be present for business to take place. But what happens when it’s not?

Do you even know when it’s not?

Most importantly, how can medical sales professionals build and retain trust with their customers?

Click on the player below and find out. Or you can listen on iTunes.

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Etiquette for Medical Sales Reps – How to avoid behaviors that will cost you business, relationships, and money

If you’re like most medical sales reps, you think you know how to behave in the professional healthcare sales environment. But do you?

This is too important to leave to chance. Whether this is your first day in the territory or you’re a seasoned pro, spend a few minutes with Mace Horoff as he discusses some of the finer points of medical sales etiquette.

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Medical Sales When Your Product Isn’t The Market Leader

Wouldn’t it be great if every product you sell was seen by customers as the market leader?

If only that were the case… but it’s not. You will find yourself up against competitive products that lead the market. What should you do?

Listen to this edition of The Medical Sales Guru podcast and find out! Just click on the player below or listen on iTunes by searching for Medical Sales Guru.

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