When to Fire Your Healthcare Customers in Medical Sales

As a medical sales professional, you likely have concerns about being fired from your current accounts. As they say in most places I’ve been, that would be a bad thing! But what if the shoe were on the other foot…what if you had customers you wish you could get rid of? Is it ever appropriate to give existing (and maybe even lucrative) customers the boot?

That’s what I discuss in this episode of the Medical Sales Guru Podcast.

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Should You Focus on The Cash in Medical Sales? Yes…and No.

Let’s be honest…you probably didn’t get into medical sales only to make the world a better place. Yes, I know – you have altruistic motives, but high-income potential is what often draws people into the industry.

As a medical sales representative, should you focus on cash?

Yes. And no. I explain in this podcast. I also provide a quick way to prioritize customers in your territory.

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Medical Sales: The Mission Mindset Trumps Relationships

Ask medical sales representatives to define what’s most important for success, and you’re likely to hear some common answers. One thing you’ll hear for sure is “relationships.” Yes, relationships are important, but nothing is more important than mission clarity. In fact, relationships matter very little if you and your customers stay focused on the mission objective.




One of The Best Ways to Build Customer Relationships in Medical Sales

In medical sales, are relationships important? Yes.  And no.

Almost all sales reps are aware of the importance of building customer relationships, but many go about creating them the wrong way.

Want to know a great way to create strong relationships? I thought so. You’re in the right place. Take 15 minutes and listen on the player below (or you can listen on iTunes).

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Medical Sales and The Business of Follow-up

If you’re in medical sales, getting good at sales calls isn’t enough. You must master follow-up to sell consistently.

Most reps are clueless when it comes to this. But…you need not be one of them. You can listen and learn. How cool is that?

Get ready to look at following-up with customers like never before!

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You DO Have Power in The Medical Sale – Use It Carefully

Medical sales representatives often feel like they have no power in the healthcare sales environment. It’s not true. You already have power, and if you don’t, you can create it. Either way, it must be applied carefully. This is important stuff! Listen to this episode and learn what I’m talking about…it could make a big difference in your sales outcomes.

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When You Hit Obstacles in Medical Sales, Do This…

In case you haven’t noticed, medical sales is challenging…and it’s not going to get easier. That doesn’t sound like great news, does it…

But there is some good news, that is, you have options when you find yourself stuck. If you’re not hitting the sales numbers you need to hit, or want to hit, this episode of The Medical Sales Guru Podcast offers some sage advice.

Listen. Take action. Move forward.


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Don’t Hide From Mistakes in Medical Sales

…And Yes, There Will Be Mistakes

It’s not about whether or not you’ll make mistakes as a medical sales professional–it’s about how you handle it!

Sales reps spend years building a reputation, only to have it collapse when they mishandle an unexpected event.

Listen as Mace describes the most uncomfortable “mistake” he ever faced in his career and how he dealt with it (he actually broke a sweat retelling it as he recorded the podcast).

Whether you’re a sales rep, a manager, a distributor, or VP of sales, dealing with mistakes is in your future. Listen and formulate a plan now so you’re prepared when it happens.

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The Cost of Inaction in Medical Sales

Medical sales reps say it all the time: “You gotta spend money to make money.”

It sounds good, but so many sales reps…as well as their prospects and customers…only consider the cost of action, while neglecting the cost of inaction.

Big mistake.

In this podcast, Mace Horoff presents some case examples from his days in the territory. You’ll learn how he lost some big sales opportunities so you can avoid doing the same. You’ll also learn how  he turned it around.

The cost of inaction is an important thing to know in your medical sales career!

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Medical Sales Rep Behaviors to Avoid

As a medical sales representative, you work hard to develop relationships and build your reputation. It can take years to achieve this. Yet, too often, you’ll see medical sales reps exhibiting behaviors that serve to detract from and diminish how they want to be known. Think you’re immune? Why take chances? Listen to this episode of The Medical Sales Guru Podcast and make sure you’re protecting your relationship and repetitional capital.

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