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The Medical Sale: How to Close

How to close the deal in medical sales is one of the most discussed skills. Every sales rep has heard, “You have to ask for the business.”

Since this knowledge is so widespread, why do so many medical sales representatives do it wrong?

Medical sales speaker Mace Horoff discusses the keys to closing in this short podcast.

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Selling to Doctors

Selling to Doctors. If you’re a medical sales representative or pharmaceutical sales representative, doctors may be one of your touch points. Is selling to doctors difficult? It depends. In this short video, Mace Horoff emphasizes some of the key points about selling to doctors (and other HCPs as well)  so you can have better sales calls and generate better sales outcome.

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Calls That Don’t Go Well in Medical Sales (and How to Fix It When It Happens)

One of the most common questions I’m asked is how to recover from a sales call that doesn’t go well.

“How do I fix it?”

That’s a reasonable question, but one should also ask, “How can I avoid it.”

Listen to this episode of The Medical Sales Guru Podcast for some insight on avoiding and dealing with sales calls that don’t go well.


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Medical Sales: Scenes from an Unprofessional Sales Call

Most of the medical sales reps I know will be the first to rant about poor salesmanship when they experience it. But…are they blind to seeing the same behaviors in themselves?

In this episode of the combined Medical Sales Guru Podcast and Medical Sales Channel, I share a recent experience I had with a very unprofessional salesperson and how you can learn from it and apply the lessons in your medical sales territory.


Ideas to Rock Your Medical Sales Territory in 2017

All medical sales reps look forward to having a good year.

Whether you’re starting a new year, or well into the current one, here are some ideas that will help to ensure you’re maximizing the sales opportunities in your territory.

Your competitors will greatly appreciate it if you don’t listen to this 🙂 !

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Medical Sales When Your Product Isn’t The Market Leader

Wouldn’t it be great if every product you sell was seen by customers as the market leader?

If only that were the case… but it’s not. You will find yourself up against competitive products that lead the market. What should you do?

Listen to this edition of The Medical Sales Guru podcast and find out! Just click on the player below or listen on iTunes by searching for Medical Sales Guru.

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Avoiding “The Autopilot Risk” in Medical Sales

Think about those things that you do in your territory that you know so well–so well, in fact, that you often feel like you’re on autopilot. I’m talking about the sales presentation that you know cold, the procedure you’ve talked surgeons through hundreds of times, the in-service you could do in your sleep…

BIG warning sign!

In this episode on The Medical Sales Guru Podcast, I discuss airplanes, selling to healthcare, and autopilots…what a combination! Oh yeah…I talk about you too! Check it out.  Just click on the player down below.

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Don’t Try to Steal the Customer’s Power

As a medical sales speaker who spends a lot of time training aspiring and experienced medical sales representatives, I love it when sales reps use terms like “evidence-based selling.” Selling in healthcare certainly demands the ability to discuss scientific data, but there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. When you do it the wrong way,  what you’re doing is driving customers away instead of pulling them in. In this episode, medical sales performance expert Mace Horoff discusses how to stop killing sales with a faulty evidence-based medical sales approach.

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The Risks of Intuitive Selling in Medical Sales

Most of the medical sales representatives I have met sell intuitively. In other words, their sales strategies and tactics are based on what they think will work. This is a dangerous way to sell to healthcare providers and institutions.

In this podcast, Mace Horoff gets into more depth in this topic that he wrote about recently in The Medical Sales Blog. Learn about the alternative to intuitive selling and why you should consider it for long term medical sales success.

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A Discussion of Things That Affect Medical Sales Performance

This is a relaunch of The Medical Sales Guru Podcast. In this episode, Mace discusses many factors that affect your medical sales performance such as:

  • Why podcasts are valuable to medical sales reps
  • What you need to do to learn the skills and content to sell more effectively
  • Why you need to understand how your customers learn so you know how to sell to them
  • How to pressure-proof your presentations
  • Knowing who your real competitor is
  • How to stop working for free (which you might do on occasion, even though you’re collecting a paycheck)
  • Why you didn’t get into medical sales to make a living (it’s not what you think…listen and see if you agree)
  • Why you need to invest in your own success or you’re in big trouble
  • Why what you know doesn’t matter

Thanks for listening to The Medical Sales Guru Podcast.

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