Don’t Insult Your Healthcare Prospects by Asking the Wrong Questions

Every medical sales rep knows to ask probing questions. Make sure you are not asking probing questions that a medical professional might find insulting! One of the worst ones is, “Doctor, tell me about the biggest challenges you have when you are …..?” Mace Horoff, medical sales speaker, trainer, and consultant offers some thoughts on why a question like this can be perceived as insulting to a medical professional and then suggests a more subtle, non-insulting approach to uncover the information you need before trying to offer a solution.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Insult Your Healthcare Prospects by Asking the Wrong Questions”

  1. Hi Mace, I just finished listening to “dont insult your healthcare prospects by asking the wrong queestions. UDAMAN. Writing UDAMAN, might have come across as unprofessional, but I threw that in to get your attention and compliment you on both this webcast and the other one on “act like a professional”. I really enjoyed listening to both. It strikes me on how easy it is to take for granted, one’s fine tuned ablities from experience over the years, after going from day to day behaving in a business like manner in the healthcare field. Maybe for me, with a clinical background and having trained to “not be late” & “have empathy and compassion for the patient”, it sometimes seems rediculous for a medical rep not to be aware of some of the things that you have presented on the webcast. Anyway, thats reality and not everyone “gets it” right off the bat and some may not have got it yet. Thanks for providing the refresher and the delivery is spot on. You do a great job. Take care.

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