Medical Sales Call Frequency and The Value of Being Seen

In medical sales, it is important to be seen. Why? Because customers are more likely to buy from sales reps they see on a regular basis than those who show up only when it’s time for a sale.

So, how often should you be seen? How much is “enough?”

This and some of those other nagging questions are answered in this episode of The Medical Sales Guru Podcast.

Why don’t you give a listen and leave a comment, eh? Much thanks!

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2 thoughts on “Medical Sales Call Frequency and The Value of Being Seen”

  1. Hey, Mace. I love your podcasts. I get more value out of your info and advice than multiple other sites/podcasts! This one was right on. I believe you need to bring value on each call. You should not just stop by to see how your customer is doing. With the sheer amount of things I have to do it is difficult for me to source new items of value to discuss. I am in home health and my company, although large and well known, does not provide any continued info of value to provide our doctors and their staff regularly. I do my own research, but I have little time for this. Do you have any suggestions for me in regards to where to source valuable studies, healthcare industry info, outcomes info, etc.?

  2. Susan, one of the best things to do is to set up Google Alerts for important topics in your industries. When new articles are posted on the web, Google will notify you. Think about the pain points and mandates in your industry. What problems do you solve? What goals or mandates do you help customers to achieve. What information would HCPs or their patients find useful?

    Value also comes in the form of ways you can help customers to increase profits, save money, reduce risk, save time, or produce better patient outcomes. Sharing best practices is another thing.

    What do you know, or what could you share that customers don’t know and would want to know?

    Thank you for commenting. Hope this was helpful.

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