How to up your medical sales game in a changed world

The world has changed A LOT…over the last two years. It’s changed for your accounts, the stakeholders in your accounts, it’s changed for patients, and it’s changed for you.

In this episode, I’m allowing you to listen to the October 2021 monthly call I recorded for my Medical Sales Academy members. I’ve never done this before, and probably won’t again, but it’s important that you up your game if you want to stay competitive in a much-changed market.

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The Why is the secret to getting in & getting the sale

Medical sales reps are often great at talking about their products with respect to “The How” and “The What.” However, it’s “The Why” that will get you in the door and gain a commitment for an evaluation or get you the order. In this episode, I discuss the power of “The Why” and how to apply it in medical or high-stakes selling.

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Medical Reps: stop devaluing your time & relevance

Medical sales representatives often find it difficult to get time with doctors, dentists, and other healthcare stakeholders. These professionals are busy and their time is valuable. But guess what… So is yours! You’re busy. Your time is valuable. And hopefully, when you meet with these professionals, your message is relevant and helpful. This episode discusses how to adapt a productive mindset when calling on HCPs and other decision-makers in your accounts. Learn how you can sell more to HCPs and healthcare at


Medical sales: using case studies to build relationships

Medical sales representatives have been at a loss as how to engage and influence accounts and customers since COVID-19. Yet, there are more opportunities to sell products and services, not less. It all comes down to developing the type of relationships with your accounts that drive business. That’s what this episode is all about, and specifically, how to create and use case studies to help foster these relationships. Please leave a comment to share your thoughts or ask any questions. Learn how you can sell more to HCPs and healthcare at


Why you should fear the customer, not the competition

Medical sales representatives are often advised to target the competition. As a result they fear competitors might have better products and closer relationships with accounts. If you’re in medical sales, the competition isn’t your problem…It’s the customer! I tell you why in this short video and what you should do to address it.



During the last year, medical sales representatives have sought new ways to engage and sell to accounts and customers. Social media platforms like LinkedIn are an effective way of doing this, but….

Too many medical sales reps violate “the unwritten rules” of social media engagement, turning-off customers and missing opportunities. The good news is this is easily fixed! In this episode, the how-to’s and how-not-to’s for using LinkedIn and other platforms to engage with doctors, dentists, and other HCPs and stakeholders is discussed. You can jump on board now, or you can wait and play catch-up later.

Check it out and learn how to use social media to help grow your territory… And please leave a comment to share your social media experiences as a medical sales professional.

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What do doctors & HCPs “really” want & expect from salespeople?

New medical sales representatives frequently ask this important question when selling to doctors and other healthcare professionals: What do doctors want and expect?” There’s two answers. The first set of answers are the ones they will tell you. The second set of answers are often unspoken, but just as important as the first…maybe even more so. Both set’s of answers are discussed in this podcast episode. Whether you’re an emerging medical sales rep or a medical sales professional who has been working a territory for decades, it’s good to know the answers to this question. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below…and while you’re here, please subscibe to the channel if you find value. Thanks!



There is ONE THING that medical sales representatives MUST do to be relevant and SELL MORE in 2021…

Medical sales professionals had their world turned upside down in 2020. Sure, some things are the same, but most HCPs are viewing their jobs through a different lens. This can be bad news for medical reps who just keep working the territory as before, but…

Medical reps who know, understand and leverage the strategy that’s discussed here will find more opportunities in their territories than ever before. Want to know what it is? Don’t miss this important key as you move into 2021 and beyond!

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Conversation with Badger Maps CEO Steve Benson on Selling During and After COVID-19

medical sales during covid-19

Steve Benson is the founder and CEO of Badger Maps, an incredible software that allows outside sales reps to work their territories with maximal efficiency. Steve’s company has access to data from over 5,000 companies – data that tells a story about how sales has changed since COVID-19 appeared in the U.S.

In this special edition of the Medical Sales Guru Podcast and Medical Sales Channel, I interview Steve about changes in the sales landscape and what sales reps should be doing right now to prepare for the post-COVID world. Enjoy and benefit from Steve’s unique perspective!

If you prefer to watch the interview, you can watch it here.


Is medical sales still a good career after covid-19?

The novel coronavirus has redefined our lives moving forward. The big question medical sales representatives are asking as we work to emerge from this crisis, is whether or not medical sales is still a good career. How will it be different? What can I do to adapt. These questions are answered in this episode of The Medical Sales Guru Podcast.


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