Why “Detail Selling” (aka The One Minute Sales Pitch) Is A Stupid Idea

It seems like nothing short-circuits a medical sales rep’s brain quicker than getting a moment with a doctor or other HCP.  Most go immediately into the quick one-minute sales pitch. It’s almost like the mouth starts moving automatically. . .

This is a really stupid idea.

Sure, you make some sales this way, but you’re likely killing more opportunities than you realize.

There is a better way.  Listen now to learn a more productive approach that at the very least will lead to  better sales conversations. That couldn’t hurt. Right?

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One thought on “Why “Detail Selling” (aka The One Minute Sales Pitch) Is A Stupid Idea”

  1. Thank you . Phenomenal information. “Sell the appointment” is the key point I got out of today’s call.

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