How Medical Reps are Like Dog Trainers

Answer this question: What do you do? Some medical reps struggle with this question, or don’t really give it any thought. Ready for a fresh perspective . . . fresh as in “a little out there?” Give it a shot! It might just might provide you with a better understanding of what your job function really is.

I mean no disrespect . . .


The “Dating Approach” to Persistence in Medical Sales

Persistence is often named as the number one attribute that leads to success…and in medical sales, a lack of persistence is almost guaranteed failure.

Why do medical reps sometimes struggle with persistence? Possibly it’s because they’re not comfortable with it.

Here’s a short discussion that puts the need for persistence into perspective and hopefully makes it understandable and more palatable.

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Medical Sales Reluctance: When Customers Know You’re Trying to Sell Them

What happens if a healthcare professional or other customer realizes you’re trying to sell them something?

If you ever think about this, it may be causing sales reluctance, which is something that could keep  you from doing your job…

Here’s some insight on how HCPs and other customers see salespeople and how you can be one they’ll welcome when you visit.


Medical Sales: When Your Ego is Challenged –Defering to a Higher Authority

Medical sales representatives face situations where HCPs challenge the rep’s ego. Think you can set your ego aside easily? Think again . . . and think about how you’re going to deal with it when it happens. Maybe this podcast will help. Listen. Leave a comment or go to iTunes and like. Go out there and sell something that will do some good. Thanks!



Medical Sales: Overusing and Abusing Technology

Medical sales has been made easier by technology, that is, when it’s used appropriately. The challenge is that some medical sales representatives have expectations that aren’t only unreasonable, they’re counterproductive. Learn how to stop using technology to kill sales and instead, implement one solid technique that almost always works better than anything. Want to know what it is? Listen to the podcast!

Success in medical sales means DOING what works…not what you think might work.  Sell strategically instead of intuitively with Medical Sales Academy.

Losing Proficiency in Medical Sales and How to Avoid It

Medical sales demands proficiency in industry knowledge, product knowledge, and selling skills. Even if you’ve had just modest success up to this point, you’ve established some level of proficiency. The insidious problem is that proficiency degrades over time.

This podcast episode talks about medical sales proficiency and some simple things you can do on your own to stay sharp and effective.

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Understanding “Urgency” in Medical Sales

The concept of “urgency” in medical sales is often misunderstood, so much so in fact, that some people tell me it doesn’t work. That’s crazy! Urgency always works – provided you know how to create it, present it and leverage it. That’s what this podcast episode is about.

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Some Medical Sales Account Penetration Strategies

Medical sales representatives are often told to focus on “account penetration.” What does that mean?

In this episode of The Medical Sales Guru Podcast (which you can also listen to on iTunes), Mace Horoff defines account penetration and talks about some key ways to make it happen.

Time to break through the barriers! Listen now.

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Medical Sales Leadership at The Field Level

Most medical sales field representatives shrug at the idea that they must be leaders.

Leadership is for people with leader titles, like manager, or CEO, right?

No. Medical sales representatives must be leaders. Look at it this way . . . your customers can follow you, or they can follow your competition. Which do you choose?

I thought so. So, here’s a short primer on medical sales leadership at the field level.  Listen. Be a leader!


Medical Sales: Overcoming the Negative Effects of an Unhappy Customer

Few things make medical sales representatives feel worse than when an evaluation or user experience doesn’t go well. It’s bad enough that you might lose the sale, or lose existing business . . .

But now, you also have an unhappy antagonist to deal with who could torpedo business and sales opportunities with other customers. Heck, it might even cost you the whole account!

What should you do?

Well, you could start by listening to this podcast.

And if you would like to share some of your own insight or experiences, be my guest in the comments section below at