Understanding “Urgency” in Medical Sales

The concept of “urgency” in medical sales is often misunderstood, so much so in fact, that some people tell me it doesn’t work. That’s crazy! Urgency always works – provided you know how to create it, present it and leverage it. That’s what this podcast episode is about.

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Some Medical Sales Account Penetration Strategies

Medical sales representatives are often told to focus on “account penetration.” What does that mean?

In this episode of The Medical Sales Guru Podcast (which you can also listen to on iTunes), Mace Horoff defines account penetration and talks about some key ways to make it happen.

Time to break through the barriers! Listen now.

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Medical Sales Leadership at The Field Level

Most medical sales field representatives shrug at the idea that they must be leaders.

Leadership is for people with leader titles, like manager, or CEO, right?

No. Medical sales representatives must be leaders. Look at it this way . . . your customers can follow you, or they can follow your competition. Which do you choose?

I thought so. So, here’s a short primer on medical sales leadership at the field level.  Listen. Be a leader!


Medical Sales: Overcoming the Negative Effects of an Unhappy Customer

Few things make medical sales representatives feel worse than when an evaluation or user experience doesn’t go well. It’s bad enough that you might lose the sale, or lose existing business . . .

But now, you also have an unhappy antagonist to deal with who could torpedo business and sales opportunities with other customers. Heck, it might even cost you the whole account!

What should you do?

Well, you could start by listening to this podcast.

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Calls That Don’t Go Well in Medical Sales (and How to Fix It When It Happens)

One of the most common questions I’m asked is how to recover from a sales call that doesn’t go well.

“How do I fix it?”

That’s a reasonable question, but one should also ask, “How can I avoid it.”

Listen to this episode of The Medical Sales Guru Podcast for some insight on avoiding and dealing with sales calls that don’t go well.


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Medical Sales: Preventing and Handling Mistakes That Cost You

You sell in medical sales.  You’re human. You will make mistakes. But…

There are things you can do to prevent mistakes and things you can do to minimize the damage when they occur.

In this episode, Mace talks about a recent event that made headline news (2017 Academy Awards debacle) and how you can learn from it. He also shares a deeply personal story about the worst mistake in his own medical sales career and how he handled it. You need to hear this…

Listen to the Podcast by clicking on the player below or listen on iTunes (search Medical Sales Guru). And please leave a comment below or on iTunes. Much appreciated!

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Medical Sales: Scenes from an Unprofessional Sales Call

Most of the medical sales reps I know will be the first to rant about poor salesmanship when they experience it. But…are they blind to seeing the same behaviors in themselves?

In this episode of the combined Medical Sales Guru Podcast and Medical Sales Channel, I share a recent experience I had with a very unprofessional salesperson and how you can learn from it and apply the lessons in your medical sales territory.


What Medical Sales Success IS . . . and What It Is NOT!

All medical sales reps want to be successful. Heck, why else would they enter such a competitive field that requires an extraordinary amount of hard work…

But…what is the definition of success?

You’ll might find it changing as you move through your career, but what if you had some insight now as to what success really means?

Listen as Mace Horoff shares some important thoughts about the true meaning of success in medical sales.

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Why “Detail Selling” (aka The One Minute Sales Pitch) Is A Stupid Idea

It seems like nothing short-circuits a medical sales rep’s brain quicker than getting a moment with a doctor or other HCP.  Most go immediately into the quick one-minute sales pitch. It’s almost like the mouth starts moving automatically. . .

This is a really stupid idea.

Sure, you make some sales this way, but you’re likely killing more opportunities than you realize.

There is a better way.  Listen now to learn a more productive approach that at the very least will lead to  better sales conversations. That couldn’t hurt. Right?

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Medical Sales: Don’t Apologize for Offering Value

Why do so many medical sales reps sound like they’re apologizing during their sales calls? Maybe it’s because they’re not convinced of the value they offer.

In this podcast, Mace describes a different way to think about your sales calls, including some things to think about before you ever walk in the door.

Give a listen and leave a comment, would you?

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