Is medical sales still a good career after covid-19?

The novel coronavirus has redefined our lives moving forward. The big question medical sales representatives are asking as we work to emerge from this crisis, is whether or not medical sales is still a good career. How will it be different? What can I do to adapt. These questions are answered in this episode of The Medical Sales Guru Podcast.


2 thoughts on “Is medical sales still a good career after covid-19?”

  1. Great podcast!!! I would love to hear what advise you have for someone who will be graduating from college this year and striving to join the medical sales field!

  2. Caroline, medical sales is a great career. This is, of course, a time of change. I suggest you watch trends in the different segments of healthcare, as some will be growing rapidly, such at anything related to telemedicine or patient/provider safety. Decide what specialties and products/services you find interesting and exciting. Learn all you can about those segments and learn how to sell in healthcare. There are many free resources on my websites. Don’t hesitate to call some sales managers in companies to ask questions, including, “how would I land a job with your company.” Lots of good things happening in the future. Thanks for your comment!

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