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“Hi Doc. I’m selling something you already have. Are you interested?”

If the title of this podcast seems ridiculous to you and you’re wondering who would ever approach a doctor with a pitch like that, you might want to look in the mirror!  Sales reps approach health care buyers way too often with any one of a number of approaches that essentially say the same thing.  If you want an idea on how to better connect with your decision-makers, listen to this podcast episode.


How do you deliver value in medical sales?

How do you deliver value in medical sales?  You might think you understand this intuitively, but unless you qualify or quantify value with respect to your customer’s needs and perceptions, you’re guessing at best and you risk losing the sale. In this edition of the Medical Sales Guru Podcast, Mace Horoff takes a look at defining value as it is most commonly assessed in the medical arena and suggests ways to incorporate value in your presentations.