How Medical Sales Reps Commit Malpractice Every Day (and how to avoid it!)


That’s something that only happens to doctors and other healthcare professionals, right?

Well, it depends on what you mean by malpractice. Medical sales (maybe you) representatives commit malpractice all the time.

Okay, the word “malpractice” might be a stretch, but I use it to make a point…a point that’s important enough for me to discuss on this episode.

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Building Trust That Matters in Medical Sales

Trust. It’s one of those terms that medical sales reps know, but don’t often think about.

Trust must be present for business to take place. But what happens when it’s not?

Do you even know when it’s not?

Most importantly, how can medical sales professionals build and retain trust with their customers?

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Etiquette for Medical Sales Reps – How to avoid behaviors that will cost you business, relationships, and money

If you’re like most medical sales reps, you think you know how to behave in the professional healthcare sales environment. But do you?

This is too important to leave to chance. Whether this is your first day in the territory or you’re a seasoned pro, spend a few minutes with Mace Horoff as he discusses some of the finer points of medical sales etiquette.

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Medical Sales When Your Product Isn’t The Market Leader

Wouldn’t it be great if every product you sell was seen by customers as the market leader?

If only that were the case… but it’s not. You will find yourself up against competitive products that lead the market. What should you do?

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Medical Sales Lessons from Hurricanes and Presidential Elections

What can hurricanes and Presidential elections teach you about medical sales?

That’s what I talk about in this episode of The Medical Sales Guru Podcast.

It’s relevant, I promise…but will you take action? Listen and decide!

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Avoiding “The Autopilot Risk” in Medical Sales

Think about those things that you do in your territory that you know so well–so well, in fact, that you often feel like you’re on autopilot. I’m talking about the sales presentation that you know cold, the procedure you’ve talked surgeons through hundreds of times, the in-service you could do in your sleep…

BIG warning sign!

In this episode on The Medical Sales Guru Podcast, I discuss airplanes, selling to healthcare, and autopilots…what a combination! Oh yeah…I talk about you too! Check it out.  Just click on the player down below.

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When to Fire Your Healthcare Customers in Medical Sales

As a medical sales professional, you likely have concerns about being fired from your current accounts. As they say in most places I’ve been, that would be a bad thing! But what if the shoe were on the other foot…what if you had customers you wish you could get rid of? Is it ever appropriate to give existing (and maybe even lucrative) customers the boot?

That’s what I discuss in this episode of the Medical Sales Guru Podcast.

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Should You Focus on The Cash in Medical Sales? Yes…and No.

Let’s be honest…you probably didn’t get into medical sales only to make the world a better place. Yes, I know – you have altruistic motives, but high-income potential is what often draws people into the industry.

As a medical sales representative, should you focus on cash?

Yes. And no. I explain in this podcast. I also provide a quick way to prioritize customers in your territory.

Listen to The Medical Sales Guru Podcast with Mace Horoff by clicking on the player below or by searching  for Medical Sales Guru on iTunes.




Medical Sales: The Mission Mindset Trumps Relationships

Ask medical sales representatives to define what’s most important for success, and you’re likely to hear some common answers. One thing you’ll hear for sure is “relationships.” Yes, relationships are important, but nothing is more important than mission clarity. In fact, relationships matter very little if you and your customers stay focused on the mission objective.




One of The Best Ways to Build Customer Relationships in Medical Sales

In medical sales, are relationships important? Yes.  And no.

Almost all sales reps are aware of the importance of building customer relationships, but many go about creating them the wrong way.

Want to know a great way to create strong relationships? I thought so. You’re in the right place. Take 15 minutes and listen on the player below (or you can listen on iTunes).

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