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Calls That Don’t Go Well in Medical Sales (and How to Fix It When It Happens)

One of the most common questions I’m asked is how to recover from a sales call that doesn’t go well.

“How do I fix it?”

That’s a reasonable question, but one should also ask, “How can I avoid it.”

Listen to this episode of The Medical Sales Guru Podcast for some insight on avoiding and dealing with sales calls that don’t go well.


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Ideas to Rock Your Medical Sales Territory in 2017

All medical sales reps look forward to having a good year.

Whether you’re starting a new year, or well into the current one, here are some ideas that will help to ensure you’re maximizing the sales opportunities in your territory.

Your competitors will greatly appreciate it if you don’t listen to this 🙂 !

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Get in front of customers by showing up instead of calling for an appointment

Do you spend time calling doctors offices or hospital employees for appointments? How’s that working for you?

If it’s not going as well as you would like, listen to this week’s podcast. Mace shares some important thoughts about getting past the gatekeeper to see prime customers and how to do this in person vs. over the phone.

Here’s a related article (but there’s more detail in the podcast).

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How an Intense Sales Focus Solves All Problems in Medical Sales

If you’re in medical sales, there are more reasons to develop an intense sales focus besides just making more sales.

Welcome to the world of medical sales. Your world is complicated, competitive, and compromised. Your sales numbers might look good right now, but in your heart, you know you’re not making the sales effort that your company expects and you’re income isn’t increasing as you would like.

What is the cause and how do you solve it?

In this session, Mace Horoff reveals many of the daily challenges that compete with your ability to sell more. He also offers some valuable insight on how you can gain control, and even more importantly, why this will benefit you in ways beyond just making more sales.

If you’re ready to sell more, secure your business, and become a hero to your customers and managers without working harder, this podcast is for you!

Thanks for listening to The Medical Sales Guru Podcast.

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The truth about closing, follow-up & not wasting your time in medical sales

Have you ever made a sales call that seemed to go great. The doctor or other HCP seemed truly interested and said s/he would be in touch. Then they never call. And when you try to follow up, they block you. The HCP won’t return your calls and emails, the receptionist won’t let you in or give you an appointment. What happened? What changed? How can you prevent this from happening in the future? Don’t blame the customer when you’re the one at fault. The good news is that the stress and frustration associated with this scenario can be avoided.

It’s all here in this episode of the Medical Sales Guru Podcast.


Medical Sales Mind Games in the Parking Lot

Businessman in the carThe outcome of many sales calls in medical sales is defined before you’re even in front of the customer.  In fact, that outcome is often defined while you’re sitting in your car in the parking lot.  Here’s some ideas so you don’t sabotage yourself with the stupid mind games too many sales representatives play in the parking lot.


Medical Sales: Don’t bite the hand that feeds you…and make sure you know which hand that is!

Since the beginning of selling, salespeople have cozied-up to those who had the power to say “yes.”  Not a bad strategy, unless you happen to be selling in medical sales today.  Everything is changing and I’m finding that many who work in the business of selling to healthcare, have been biting the hand that feeds them.  Listen as Mace discusses what you should be doing NOW, before it’s too late.


When You’re Customer Says, “I’ll Keep It in Mind.”

Healthcare professionals often have the same response when a sales representative presents a product that they find interesting or potentially useful.  The response is, “I’ll keep it in mind.”  Many medical sales representatives leave the next step up to the customer, which is a complete abdication of responsibility.  This week’s podcast addresses how and why you need to prepare for hearing these words ahead of time and why it’s all a part of YOUR job.


Create a Medical Sales Plan Now to Prepare for the Uncertainty in 2011 and Beyond…Before the S#*t Hits the Fan!

Most medical sales reps don’t even think about sales planning until a manager points a proverbial gun at their head and says, “I need next year’s sales plan by Friday!”  Strange, that the most important activity that can save your business, put money in your pocket, and save your job has to be mandated under a management-imposed deadline.  Medical sales professionals need to be fine-tuning their sales plan constantly and it has never been more critical than it is now.  Why?  Because we’re going to see many changes in the healthcare system and how products and services are purchased.  You need to be prepared.   So…how do you prepare for all the changes when you don’t even know what they are?

In this podcast, I provide an example of how ignoring threatened change cost me over $1 million in business during a time when change was less certain than it is NOW.  I also discuss how to prepare for the uncertainty ahead  by heeding the lessons of a famous event where disaster was averted two years ago.  Okay, you don’t have a crystal ball, but you can still prepare for the future and optimize your chances for success before the proverbial you-know-what hits the fan.

If you don’t have a detailed sales plan that includes a sales process for your medical sales efforts next week, next month, next year…you’re not fully in the game.  Watch out for those who are!