How an Intense Sales Focus Solves All Problems in Medical Sales

If you’re in medical sales, there are more reasons to develop an intense sales focus besides just making more sales.

Welcome to the world of medical sales. Your world is complicated, competitive, and compromised. Your sales numbers might look good right now, but in your heart, you know you’re not making the sales effort that your company expects and you’re income isn’t increasing as you would like.

What is the cause and how do you solve it?

In this session, Mace Horoff reveals many of the daily challenges that compete with your ability to sell more. He also offers some valuable insight on how you can gain control, and even more importantly, why this will benefit you in ways beyond just making more sales.

If you’re ready to sell more, secure your business, and become a hero to your customers and managers without working harder, this podcast is for you!

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