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When You Hit Obstacles in Medical Sales, Do This…

In case you haven’t noticed, medical sales is challenging…and it’s not going to get easier. That doesn’t sound like great news, does it…

But there is some good news, that is, you have options when you find yourself stuck. If you’re not hitting the sales numbers you need to hit, or want to hit, this episode of The Medical Sales Guru Podcast offers some sage advice.

Listen. Take action. Move forward.


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The Changing Model for O.R. Medical Sales Reps

I get asked this question often: “Is the model for reps who sell to operating rooms changing?” The answer is yes, as I also wrote about in The Medical Sales Blog. The most important thing that any rep who sells devices to operating rooms can do…is discussed in this podcast. It’s too important not to pay attention!

If this is a message that your healthcare sales team needs to hear, I’d be happy to deliver it at your next National Sales Meeting. Give me a call at 561.333.8080 and I’ll discuss exactly how I can help your sales team to drive profitable sales into the future.

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Proactively Facing Medical Sales Challenges With The Affordable Care Act Before It’s Too Late

Obamacare is here.  Love it or hate it, it is what it is and if you sell to healthcare, you’re going to be affected.  Though you might not be reeling from the changes because they’re being phased in over time, you certainly don’t have the luxury of ignoring what’s happening behind the scenes in your accounts.  Listen as medical sales expert Mace Horoff reveals the important actions you must take proactively to not only protect your business in the future, but also to create the opportunities for sales growth.


Medical Sales: Don’t bite the hand that feeds you…and make sure you know which hand that is!

Since the beginning of selling, salespeople have cozied-up to those who had the power to say “yes.”  Not a bad strategy, unless you happen to be selling in medical sales today.  Everything is changing and I’m finding that many who work in the business of selling to healthcare, have been biting the hand that feeds them.  Listen as Mace discusses what you should be doing NOW, before it’s too late.


The Changing Relevancy of the Medical Sales Representative

What is making the medical sales representative irrelevant?  How can you remain relevant as a medical sales professional.  In this episode of The Medical Sales Guru Podcast, medical sales performance expert Mace Horoff describes what is changing and what you can do about it.  Is it worth 7 minutes of your time to stay ahead of the change or will you wait until it’s too late?


Want the magic bullet for medical sales? It’s your ability to do this…

I get calls every week asking me how to handle different situations.  Most of the time, I have some suggestions, but no action that you take is guaranteed, except for, continuing to take action!  But you need to understand that the path ahead is not so clear and the magic bullet you’re looking for may never again exist.  Listen for more…


How to Un-Level the Playing Field in the New Era of Medical Sales “No Gift Giving”

Whether it’s the Holidays, or any other day of the year, if you sell to physicians, hospitals, clinics or wherever–you’re probably thrilled that the “No-Gift” policies of recent years have unburdened you and provided a level playing field. Guess what?  The playing field will never be level, nor should it be.  You should focus on unleveling the playing field every day.  Listen as Mace Horoff shares some thoughts on how how you can keep “gifting” your patients.


How to Avoid Putting Doctors and Other Clinicians on Pedestals So You Can Sell Effectively

Sales reps often put customers on pedestals such that it makes it difficult to sell effectively.  Are you having trouble connecting with your customers in the clinical or other environment?  Listen to this edition of the Medical Sales Guru Podcast to understand why it happens and learn how to adopt a mindset to engage your customers and sell more effectively.


The “New Normal” in Healthcare Sales: Patients Matter, But It’s a Business

As Marshall Goldsmith says, “what got you here, won’t get you there.” The ways that the health care industry buys goods and services are changing, and you can either thrive on the new opportunities or get crushed while waiting for things to return to “normal.” In this episode of The Medical Sales Guru Podcast, Mace Horoff discusses the results of a recent physician practice survey along with the obvious ramifications. Included are some suggestions on how to adapt your medical sales business and selling approach if you plan on continuing in this profession. If it seems like common sense, then why haven’t more medical sales professionals adapted yet?