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Building Trust That Matters in Medical Sales

Trust. It’s one of those terms that medical sales reps know, but don’t often think about.

Trust must be present for business to take place. But what happens when it’s not?

Do you even know when it’s not?

Most importantly, how can medical sales professionals build and retain trust with their customers?

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How to Un-Level the Playing Field in the New Era of Medical Sales “No Gift Giving”

Whether it’s the Holidays, or any other day of the year, if you sell to physicians, hospitals, clinics or wherever–you’re probably thrilled that the “No-Gift” policies of recent years have unburdened you and provided a level playing field. Guess what?  The playing field will never be level, nor should it be.  You should focus on unleveling the playing field every day.  Listen as Mace Horoff shares some thoughts on how how you can keep “gifting” your patients.


Getting Around the “Youth and Inexperience” Issue in Medical Sales…Even if You’re Not That Young!

Sales reps who are just starting in medical sales, especially those with “baby faces” who just got out of college (or just look like they did) often need to overcome the credibility issue of limited experience.  New medical sales representatives sometimes find that their “youth and inexperience” keeps their clinical customers from taking them or their products seriously.  Even if you’re not that young, you still might come off as inexperienced.  Here’s how to avoid that.

And make sure you don’t get caught MSU! If you don’t know what that is, you MUST listen to this podcast!


Dealing with competitors who are good-looking, former pro athletes, and have other “unfair” advantages

Have you ever had a competitor who was able to make inroads with YOUR customers quickly because he or she was good-looking, a former professional athlete, or had some other perceived advantage?  I hear about this concern on a fairly regular basis.  I understand it because I experienced it myself.  In this edition of the Medical Sales Guru Podcast, I describe a situation that I encountered where a competitor was able to take business because he was able to do something outside of the clinical environment that put him in a favorable situation with a customer.  It’s great to have talents and attributes that get you in the door, but in the final analysis, you need to have more…much more if you expect to win business for the long term.


An Unwanted Title in Medical Sales — The Professional Visitor

Do you ever visit customers just to “check-in” ?  What a colossal waste of your time and theirs!  If you don’t have a purpose for the call…I mean a real purpose…that serves you, your company, the customer and the patient…then don’t make the call.  But I’m going to help you avoid that situation with a simple question that I offer up in this podcast.  After you listen, let me know how you avoid being “The Professional Visitor” by clicking on either “comments” or “no comments” in the box below and sharing with the world at .


Medical Sales and Social Media — Don’t Shoot Yourself in the Wallet!

Facebook, LinkedIn and a host of other social media sites are now a part of every day life.  Almost everyone has a page on one of these sites and the postings, for the most part, are fairly benign.  However, in this edition of The Medical Sales Guru Podcast, I discuss how a recent applicant for a medical sales job blew her chances with her postings on one of these sites.  Could posting things about yourself on the Internet hurt your medical sales career?  The answer is yes.  Listen to the podcast and make sure it doesn’t happen to you.


Medical Sales During an Economic Downturn…What Should You Do?

Whether the economy is good or bad, people will always need health care, but the current economic conditions have some medical sales reps crying the blues while others are having their best year ever.  Much of it depends on which segment of the market you sell in, but either way, there are things you must do and continue to do if you want to survive and thrive.  In this episode of The Medical Sales Guru Podcast, medical sales speaker Mace Horoff discusses a few best practices to get through these challenging times.


Serious Medical Sales Professionals Do This To Maximize Their Sales Results with Every Call…Do You?

Your healthcare customers demand attention to detail from the vendors with whom they do business, but there is one thing you MUST do if you want to maximize your sales results and meet their expectations.  Do you know what it is?  In this edition of The Medical Sales Guru Podcast, Mace Horoff describes an essential habit that can separate the true medical sales professionals from the wannabe’s.


Unclear Communications in Medical Sales – Are You Guilty?

Clear communications are essential in any environment.  But in medicine, a message that is misunderstood can have dire consequences.  Busy professionals often communicate quickly, and at times incompletely. In this episode of the Medical Sales Guru podcast, Mace Horoff discusses the pitfalls of communicating with healthcare professionals and how to avoid misunderstandings that can ruin your career or even land you in court.