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The Risks of Intuitive Selling in Medical Sales

Most of the medical sales representatives I have met sell intuitively. In other words, their sales strategies and tactics are based on what they think will work. This is a dangerous way to sell to healthcare providers and institutions.

In this podcast, Mace Horoff gets into more depth in this topic that he wrote about recently in The Medical Sales Blog. Learn about the alternative to intuitive selling and why you should consider it for long term medical sales success.

Product Positioning is NOT intuitive!
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How to Un-Level the Playing Field in the New Era of Medical Sales “No Gift Giving”

Whether it’s the Holidays, or any other day of the year, if you sell to physicians, hospitals, clinics or wherever–you’re probably thrilled that the “No-Gift” policies of recent years have unburdened you and provided a level playing field. Guess what?  The playing field will never be level, nor should it be.  You should focus on unleveling the playing field every day.  Listen as Mace Horoff shares some thoughts on how how you can keep “gifting” your patients.


If you agree that The Patient Always Comes First, then why are you talking about YOU?

I always end each podcast with, “The patient always comes first.” Most medical reps agree with the sentiment, although few actually sell from this perspective.  Focusing on the patient needs to be more than just lip service! Listen to the podcast and learn how a patient-centered sales approach can make a huge difference in how you are perceived by your customers.


Is it your products that your customers see as a commodity, or is it YOU?

One of the biggest complaints from medical sales professionals selling in the current marketplace is their customer’s frequent attempts to commoditize their products and services.  Sales reps go to great lengths to differentiate their products and even themselves from the competition–except in one area–what they say and focus on.  I know…you’re different (let’s hope so), but why not listen to this podcast and see if you meet the first criterion for differentiating yourself at the start of every presentation.


Getting Around the “Youth and Inexperience” Issue in Medical Sales…Even if You’re Not That Young!

Sales reps who are just starting in medical sales, especially those with “baby faces” who just got out of college (or just look like they did) often need to overcome the credibility issue of limited experience.  New medical sales representatives sometimes find that their “youth and inexperience” keeps their clinical customers from taking them or their products seriously.  Even if you’re not that young, you still might come off as inexperienced.  Here’s how to avoid that.

And make sure you don’t get caught MSU! If you don’t know what that is, you MUST listen to this podcast!


Your Greatest Competitor in Medical Sales

When it comes to selling on a level playing field in the medical sales arena, most reps struggle with their toughest competition.  The competition?  Do you think it’s a company?   A sales rep?  A product?  Guess what…most of the time, it’s none of these.  You compete against something that is often tougher and harder to sell against.  What is it?  Let’s see if you know what it is and more importantly, how to compete against your toughest competitor.


Dealing with competitors who are good-looking, former pro athletes, and have other “unfair” advantages

Have you ever had a competitor who was able to make inroads with YOUR customers quickly because he or she was good-looking, a former professional athlete, or had some other perceived advantage?  I hear about this concern on a fairly regular basis.  I understand it because I experienced it myself.  In this edition of the Medical Sales Guru Podcast, I describe a situation that I encountered where a competitor was able to take business because he was able to do something outside of the clinical environment that put him in a favorable situation with a customer.  It’s great to have talents and attributes that get you in the door, but in the final analysis, you need to have more…much more if you expect to win business for the long term.


A Tale of Two Medical Sales Reps

Are you confident about the stability of the business in your territory because you have been in that territory for years?  Don’t be! There is either a new sales rep or an old sales rep with a renewed focus ready to take that business. In this podcast, I share the story of two different sales reps that I rode along with recently and what I learned is critical to the business you currently enjoy and the business you hope to win in the future.  Take 10 minutes and see if you are more like Glenn, or more like Donna and you’ll have an idea as to what your future in medical sales looks like and how to change it if necessary.


Medical Sales and Social Media — Don’t Shoot Yourself in the Wallet!

Facebook, LinkedIn and a host of other social media sites are now a part of every day life.  Almost everyone has a page on one of these sites and the postings, for the most part, are fairly benign.  However, in this edition of The Medical Sales Guru Podcast, I discuss how a recent applicant for a medical sales job blew her chances with her postings on one of these sites.  Could posting things about yourself on the Internet hurt your medical sales career?  The answer is yes.  Listen to the podcast and make sure it doesn’t happen to you.


How unrecognized complacency and arrogance in my medical sales career cost me business–and it will do the same for you!

If you are a medical sales professional, at some point in your career you have either dealt with or will be dealing with these destructive attitudes…but will you recognize it before it’s too late?  In this episode of The Medical Sales Guru Podcast, Mace Horoff shares with you how his own attitudes in one of his hospital accounts cost him ten years of stable, recurring business.  He is certainly not proud of what happened, but Mace hopes that hearing his story will help you avoid rolling out the red carpet to your competitors like he did.  If you don’t recognize the warning signs, your business is in big trouble!  Arrogance never goes unpunished.