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Medical Sales: The Mission Mindset Trumps Relationships

Ask medical sales representatives to define what’s most important for success, and you’re likely to hear some common answers. One thing you’ll hear for sure is “relationships.” Yes, relationships are important, but nothing is more important than mission clarity. In fact, relationships matter very little if you and your customers stay focused on the mission objective.




One of The Best Ways to Build Customer Relationships in Medical Sales

In medical sales, are relationships important? Yes.  And no.

Almost all sales reps are aware of the importance of building customer relationships, but many go about creating them the wrong way.

Want to know a great way to create strong relationships? I thought so. You’re in the right place. Take 15 minutes and listen on the player below (or you can listen on iTunes).

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Don’t Hide From Mistakes in Medical Sales

…And Yes, There Will Be Mistakes

It’s not about whether or not you’ll make mistakes as a medical sales professional–it’s about how you handle it!

Sales reps spend years building a reputation, only to have it collapse when they mishandle an unexpected event.

Listen as Mace describes the most uncomfortable “mistake” he ever faced in his career and how he dealt with it (he actually broke a sweat retelling it as he recorded the podcast).

Whether you’re a sales rep, a manager, a distributor, or VP of sales, dealing with mistakes is in your future. Listen and formulate a plan now so you’re prepared when it happens.

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Don’t Try to Steal the Customer’s Power

As a medical sales speaker who spends a lot of time training aspiring and experienced medical sales representatives, I love it when sales reps use terms like “evidence-based selling.” Selling in healthcare certainly demands the ability to discuss scientific data, but there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. When you do it the wrong way,  what you’re doing is driving customers away instead of pulling them in. In this episode, medical sales performance expert Mace Horoff discusses how to stop killing sales with a faulty evidence-based medical sales approach.

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Medical Sales Conversations That Sell: What Should You Talk About?

Funny thing…when medical sales representatives go on sales calls, they want to talk about their products.  Makes sense, but of course, as you pros know, talking about your product right away is not a good idea.  So…what should you talk about?  Listen as Mace discusses the best possible answer to that question.


Why Do Customers Leave?

Ever lose business?  I’ll bet you act like it wasn’t your fault, and in all fairness, maybe it wasn’t, but then again…

Medical reps offer up a lot of excuses when they lose business; some are valid, but many are rather contrived.  Listen as Mace Horoff shares some research as to why customers really leave and what you can do about it.


Medical Sales: Don’t bite the hand that feeds you…and make sure you know which hand that is!

Since the beginning of selling, salespeople have cozied-up to those who had the power to say “yes.”  Not a bad strategy, unless you happen to be selling in medical sales today.  Everything is changing and I’m finding that many who work in the business of selling to healthcare, have been biting the hand that feeds them.  Listen as Mace discusses what you should be doing NOW, before it’s too late.


Is it your products that your customers see as a commodity, or is it YOU?

One of the biggest complaints from medical sales professionals selling in the current marketplace is their customer’s frequent attempts to commoditize their products and services.  Sales reps go to great lengths to differentiate their products and even themselves from the competition–except in one area–what they say and focus on.  I know…you’re different (let’s hope so), but why not listen to this podcast and see if you meet the first criterion for differentiating yourself at the start of every presentation.