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Your Greatest Competitor in Medical Sales

When it comes to selling on a level playing field in the medical sales arena, most reps struggle with their toughest competition.  The competition?  Do you think it’s a company?   A sales rep?  A product?  Guess what…most of the time, it’s none of these.  You compete against something that is often tougher and harder to sell against.  What is it?  Let’s see if you know what it is and more importantly, how to compete against your toughest competitor.


Change Your Medical Selling Process: Include all of the Decision-makers, Not Just the Clinical End-user

The medical sales landscape is changing, and it is critical that you change along with it. One of the more pressing challenges for medical sales professionals is the increasing need to sell to the C-Suite at the hospital along with the complexities of selling to product evaluation and technology assessment committees. In this podcast episode, Mace Horoff describes why this change is occurring and what you must do to not only grow your sales, but also to hold onto the business that you have.


Stop Showing Off – Let Your Customers Be The Experts

Sure, you need to be knowledgeable about your products and your industry, and you think your customers will be impressed when you show them how much you know!  Not so fast…While you may wow some of the medical professionals you call on with your photographic recall of clinical data that you just gleaned from your company’s recent training or updates, others will find you annoying and may decide not to do business with you.  In this edition of the Medical Sales Guru Podcast, Medical Sales speaker Mace Horoff relates an incident where he asked a surgeon a technical question and it created an adversarial situation.  If you haven’t been selling in medicine for a long period of time, this is some advice you don’t want to miss!