Change Your Medical Selling Process: Include all of the Decision-makers, Not Just the Clinical End-user

The medical sales landscape is changing, and it is critical that you change along with it. One of the more pressing challenges for medical sales professionals is the increasing need to sell to the C-Suite at the hospital along with the complexities of selling to product evaluation and technology assessment committees. In this podcast episode, Mace Horoff describes why this change is occurring and what you must do to not only grow your sales, but also to hold onto the business that you have.


One thought on “Change Your Medical Selling Process: Include all of the Decision-makers, Not Just the Clinical End-user”

  1. Mace,
    This podcast is very useful in todays medical sales landscape and will indeed become more of an important tool moving forward. The reality of our industry is changing. I own a spine distributorship in Michigan and am feeling the pains of capitated pricing as well as construct pricing throughout the metro Detroit area. What is the future of distribution and reps as we know them? I know the answer may scare you as well, given that you have been so successful at working with, and coaching them. But in your honest opinion, what does the future of distribution look like? In one of your upcoming pod casts please touch on this as well the super-distribution model that is beginning to gain popularity. What are the advantages and dis advantages of both, and what can we do to protect ourselves now for the new legislation coming in the next 2 years? Thank you very much Mace. I read your books and listen to your pod casts routinely. I have introduced your material to my reps and have for the last year made your teachings part of our education curriculum. Thank you for your time

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