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Avoiding “The Autopilot Risk” in Medical Sales

Think about those things that you do in your territory that you know so well–so well, in fact, that you often feel like you’re on autopilot. I’m talking about the sales presentation that you know cold, the procedure you’ve talked surgeons through hundreds of times, the in-service you could do in your sleep…

BIG warning sign!

In this episode on The Medical Sales Guru Podcast, I discuss airplanes, selling to healthcare, and autopilots…what a combination! Oh yeah…I talk about you too! Check it out.  Just click on the player down below.

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Why You’re Probably Positioning Your Product Wrong and How to Fix It

I love sitting in the lobby bar the evening before a sales meeting where I’m presenting. I often get to overhear salespeople and their managers talking about the finer points of salesmanship. They often say things such as, “You have to ask for the business” or “Sales is a relationship business.”

A common piece of rhetoric is, “You have to position your product effectively.”  That is a very true statement. In fact, it’s one with which the listeners of this advice always nod in agreement…only they don’t do it.

The next day during the customized medical sales seminar, when the topic of positioning comes up, most people are clueless. Few people can define it. Even fewer can actually position their product in a specific and effective way.

But there’s hope…and this week’s Medical Sales Guru podcast will at least get you thinking about how you can position your products more specifically and effectively. The better you position your product, the more sales you’re going to make.

Listen to the podcast and then please leave a comment below. Thanks.


Proactively Facing Medical Sales Challenges With The Affordable Care Act Before It’s Too Late

Obamacare is here.  Love it or hate it, it is what it is and if you sell to healthcare, you’re going to be affected.  Though you might not be reeling from the changes because they’re being phased in over time, you certainly don’t have the luxury of ignoring what’s happening behind the scenes in your accounts.  Listen as medical sales expert Mace Horoff reveals the important actions you must take proactively to not only protect your business in the future, but also to create the opportunities for sales growth.


Want the magic bullet for medical sales? It’s your ability to do this…

I get calls every week asking me how to handle different situations.  Most of the time, I have some suggestions, but no action that you take is guaranteed, except for, continuing to take action!  But you need to understand that the path ahead is not so clear and the magic bullet you’re looking for may never again exist.  Listen for more…


Healthcare Selling: Getting attention in the C-suite and other non-clinical departments even when your product or service is not a significant institutional expense

Maybe you sell to the C-suite and maybe you don’t.  If you don’t, maybe you should. But how do you get past the reception desk to discuss business with the CEO, CFO and others in the ivory towers of an institution.  In this episode of the Medical Sales Guru Podcast, I provide some things to think about that will help you to get the attention of the C-suite and almost any other decision-makers you should be talking to.


Change Your Medical Selling Process: Include all of the Decision-makers, Not Just the Clinical End-user

The medical sales landscape is changing, and it is critical that you change along with it. One of the more pressing challenges for medical sales professionals is the increasing need to sell to the C-Suite at the hospital along with the complexities of selling to product evaluation and technology assessment committees. In this podcast episode, Mace Horoff describes why this change is occurring and what you must do to not only grow your sales, but also to hold onto the business that you have.