Why You’re Probably Positioning Your Product Wrong and How to Fix It

I love sitting in the lobby bar the evening before a sales meeting where I’m presenting. I often get to overhear salespeople and their managers talking about the finer points of salesmanship. They often say things such as, “You have to ask for the business” or “Sales is a relationship business.”

A common piece of rhetoric is, “You have to position your product effectively.” ┬áThat is a very true statement. In fact, it’s one with which the listeners of this advice always nod in agreement…only they don’t do it.

The next day during the customized medical sales seminar, when the topic of positioning comes up, most people are clueless. Few people can define it. Even fewer can actually position their product in a specific and effective way.

But there’s hope…and this week’s Medical Sales Guru podcast will at least get you thinking about how you can position your products more specifically and effectively. The better you position your product, the more sales you’re going to make.

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2 thoughts on “Why You’re Probably Positioning Your Product Wrong and How to Fix It”

  1. Brilliant podcast! I do think produdct positioning is grossly underlooked in many fields, especially in the medical realm. The reason perhaps is a reps inability or unwillingness to do two things. First of which is not taking the time to FULLY understand your product and how multifaceted it really is. The more solutions that your product can address, the greater your positioning power becomes. This however, comes with great due diligence and creative research. I think it’s important to know your product, it’s benefits and limitations, before calling on the prospective client. Only then can you devise a marketing approach that is TAILORED to a specific prospect. Great work Mace! Your sales literature is always appreciated!

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