Selling GPO/IDN Products to Physicians without Them Feeling Like You’re Trying to Force Them

Have you ever walked into a customer and demand that they buy your product because it’s on a GPO or IDN contract? If you have tried to do this with a physician, the response you received may have left a visible mark! In this episode of the Medical Sales Guru podcast, we discuss an approach to avoid angering your physician customers when your sales efforts are supported with a buying contract.


2 thoughts on “Selling GPO/IDN Products to Physicians without Them Feeling Like You’re Trying to Force Them”

  1. Mace, great podcast re: GPO/IDN contract selling. So much revolves around affordability these days, money, money, money, and COST EFFECTIVENESS, safety, and avoiding lawsuits! I have sold to surgeons, hospitals, PTs/OTs, RN case managers, etc. I really believe they have to kind of like YOU also, don’t you? I am a licensed PT and also consider myself a sales consultant (not a rep). And, I love your by-line “The patient always (should) come(s) first!” But you and I(and other seasoned professionals)know that in The Real World, the patient does not “always” come first (due to understaffing, non-professional/negligent healthcare/sales providers, poor training, etc. That’s why I added the word “should”.) Take care and keep up the great podcasts – would love to hear from you. And, I am interested in the Online University. Thanks again, Linda (P.S. Mace, what are your thoughts re: medical people/clinicians transitioning into medical sales, vs. other-sales people moving into medical sales?)

  2. Linda, many people with clinical backgrounds move into medical sales, but the ones who remain there and thrive are the ones who learn that a sales position is more about selling than it is about clinical skills. While your clinical skills are a great tool for making the sale and maintaining business with a customer, only good selling skills and sales habits will enable you to consistently grow your business, and if you’re not doing that, you won’t last long in sales. Thanks for your comment.

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