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An Unwanted Title in Medical Sales — The Professional Visitor

Do you ever visit customers just to “check-in” ?  What a colossal waste of your time and theirs!  If you don’t have a purpose for the call…I mean a real purpose…that serves you, your company, the customer and the patient…then don’t make the call.  But I’m going to help you avoid that situation with a simple question that I offer up in this podcast.  After you listen, let me know how you avoid being “The Professional Visitor” by clicking on either “comments” or “no comments” in the box below and sharing with the world at  https://medicalsalesguru.com .


Building Relationships in Medical Sales–Stop Focusing on the Wrong Things!

Most sales reps would agree that relationships are important in medical sales.  Some even go so far as to say that relationships are everything.  I agree that relationships are important, but I have found that many sales reps, especially new medical sales reps, have a distorted view as to what constitutes a good relationship and how to go about creating one.  In this edition of The Medical Sales Guru Podcast, I attempt to dispel some perceptions that lead to counterproductive “bad behavior” when trying to build relationships and what I believe are the keys to creating constructive professional relationships with healthcare customers that support one’s sales efforts.


Doctor Doesn’t Think That Sales Presentation Skills are Important…and that’s okay!

I had a student who was concerned about one of his doctor-customer’s opinion about the value of a good sales presentation. When you deliver a good sales presentation, your customer should not recognize it as you trying to sell him/her something. Here’s why it doesn’t matter what the doctor thinks–what matters is the outcome.