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The Changing Model for O.R. Medical Sales Reps

I get asked this question often: “Is the model for reps who sell to operating rooms changing?” The answer is yes, as I also wrote about in The Medical Sales Blog. The most important thing that any rep who sells devices to operating rooms can do…is discussed in this podcast. It’s too important not to pay attention!

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The truth about closing, follow-up & not wasting your time in medical sales

Have you ever made a sales call that seemed to go great. The doctor or other HCP seemed truly interested and said s/he would be in touch. Then they never call. And when you try to follow up, they block you. The HCP won’t return your calls and emails, the receptionist won’t let you in or give you an appointment. What happened? What changed? How can you prevent this from happening in the future? Don’t blame the customer when you’re the one at fault. The good news is that the stress and frustration associated with this scenario can be avoided.

It’s all here in this episode of the Medical Sales Guru Podcast.


Healthcare Selling: Getting attention in the C-suite and other non-clinical departments even when your product or service is not a significant institutional expense

Maybe you sell to the C-suite and maybe you don’t.  If you don’t, maybe you should. But how do you get past the reception desk to discuss business with the CEO, CFO and others in the ivory towers of an institution.  In this episode of the Medical Sales Guru Podcast, I provide some things to think about that will help you to get the attention of the C-suite and almost any other decision-makers you should be talking to.


An Effective Tactic for Dealing with Delicate Confrontational Situations in Medical Sales

Have you ever had a customer say something about you or your product that isn’t true?  Maybe it’s even slanderous or bordering on slander.  Or perhaps the customer informs you that if you don’t lower your pricing, you’re going to lose the business.  You’re used to dealing with difficult situations and you’re ready to charge in and address the issue head-on.  Stop!  Confronting customers on delicate situations is a high-wire act–one wrong move and you’re on the ground with that customer, maybe forever.  There is an effective way to confront customers on situations where they may not be pleased with the message.  It worked very well for me throughout my medical sales career and I advise you to stop and consider it before you erase any opportunities to ever do business with valued customers again.


Medical Sales When Customers Act Like They’re Better Than You

We hear this question often from people who are just beginning their medical sales careers: “What do you do when customers act like they’re better than you?” If you have never had it happen, you’re probably doing all the right things…or you just weren’t paying attention! It’s not necessarily a bad thing when it happens, in fact, it may be an opportunity. Mace Horoff discusses the frequent causes when medical professionals attempt to let sales people know who the real authority is and how to handle it.