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Create a Medical Sales Plan Now to Prepare for the Uncertainty in 2011 and Beyond…Before the S#*t Hits the Fan!

Most medical sales reps don’t even think about sales planning until a manager points a proverbial gun at their head and says, “I need next year’s sales plan by Friday!”  Strange, that the most important activity that can save your business, put money in your pocket, and save your job has to be mandated under a management-imposed deadline.  Medical sales professionals need to be fine-tuning their sales plan constantly and it has never been more critical than it is now.  Why?  Because we’re going to see many changes in the healthcare system and how products and services are purchased.  You need to be prepared.   So…how do you prepare for all the changes when you don’t even know what they are?

In this podcast, I provide an example of how ignoring threatened change cost me over $1 million in business during a time when change was less certain than it is NOW.  I also discuss how to prepare for the uncertainty ahead  by heeding the lessons of a famous event where disaster was averted two years ago.  Okay, you don’t have a crystal ball, but you can still prepare for the future and optimize your chances for success before the proverbial you-know-what hits the fan.

If you don’t have a detailed sales plan that includes a sales process for your medical sales efforts next week, next month, next year…you’re not fully in the game.  Watch out for those who are!


If You’re in Medical Sales, Always Have an Alternate Plan

What do you do when you’re selling to a customer or servicing a customer and things don’t go as planned?  Do you just make it up as you go?  How would you feel if you were getting on an airplane with a pilot who took the same approach…”well, if something goes wrong, we’ll just figure it out…”  In this edition of the Medical Sales Guru Podcast, Mace Horoff discusses the essential requirement of being prepared for the what-ifs.