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The Big Mistake of bribing your way into physician offices with food

Medical sales representatives often use food as an access method to physicians’, dentists’, and other HCPs’ offices. Will it get you in? Yes. But in most ways, it’s counterproductive and weakens your value. Here’s why and how to gain access in ways that help, not hinder, the sale.

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Overcoming Customers’ Perception of Your Youth & Inexperience

If you’re new to medical sales and on the young side of the age curve, a challenge might be establishing credibility. In fact, establishing creditability is not necessarily a function of age (pay attention you older and more experienced reps!). This is a common concern. I get asked about it often. And it IS a REAL ISSUE.

So, have a seat, turn up the volume and listen as I discuss this important subject.

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If your biggest problem is gatekeepers, you have bigger problems

When I’m delivering live workshops, the challenge that comes up over and over again is…you guessed it – getting past gatekeepers. This challenge is really a sign of a bigger, more urgent problem that needs to be solved.

Sales managers, pay attention!

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Medical sales reps: you are the brand

Medical sales representatives who represent products with strong brands have confidence. A known brand can get you in the door. But here’s something only skilled, successful medical sales reps know and understand: As a medical sales rep, YOU are the brand.

I discuss this important concept and more in this week’s Medical Sales Guru Podcast.

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Medical sales reps: Are your customers “cheating” on You?

This week, the Medical Sales Guru Podcast looks at a heart-breaker: That pain you experience when you learn your customers are flirting…or cheating with the competition. It’s going to happen, and you’re not going to like it. Deal with it! That’s what this episode is about – a light-hearted look at your need to get real with this part of the business.

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Banning medical sales reps from the operating room – it’s not the worst thing…

Medical sales representatives who sell products used in the operating room tend to freak out a bit when they hear reports of sales reps being banned in the O.R. Could this happen? Yes, in fact, it’s happening already. But before you think this is all gloom and doom, take a moment to consider what this really means – and most importantly how it can be an opportunity for you. That’s what I talk about in this video podcast.

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Medical Reps: Resist the Urge to Be A Yes-Person

Medical sales representatives are taught to provide good customer service. They also adapt the attitude that “the customer is always right.” While these tenets of sales may be good to follow, being a compliant yes-person during medical sales conversations is counter-productive to the primary goal – to sell! In this podcast, learn how to avoid this common mistake and what you should do instead.

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The Future for Medical Sales Representatives

Medical sales representatives often ask me whether the role of medical sales reps will change, or even if medical sales reps will be around in the future. Take a look with me in the crystal ball as I share my thoughts as to what the future holds for the medical sales representatives of tomorrow.

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The Medical Sales Rep’s Number One Way to Increase Engagement and Sell More

Medical sales representatives are always searching for ways to sell more in their territories. The reality though, is that 95% or more of all medical sales reps just keep doing the same thing over and over. Yet, there is a very simple (although not necessarily easy) way to instantly create more engagement with doctors, dentists, surgeons and other healthcare professionals that will lead to more sales.

What is it? It’s about changing the story that you tell when you’re selling. That’s what this podcast episode is all about. Listen now to learn how you can dominate the medical sales in your territory with a simple shift in the way you sell.

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Remove Doubt from the Sales Call by Selling Yourself First

Medical sales reps often approach difficult customers with anticipation. Unfortunately, they often anticipate NOT getting the sale!

It makes little sense to make a sales call that you expect to fail. Why does this happen? Often, it’s because reps don’t believe that the product measures up to what the customer is using now or their own ability to convert the customer.

Listen to this short podcast and add a large measure of confidence to your sales calls…confidence that can make all the difference in the world.

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