If Your Medical Sales Presentations Are Bombing, Maybe You Need To Change Your Thinking

You’ve been to training.  You know your medical, dental, or pharmaceutical product or service inside and out.  You have rehearsed and perfected the sales presentation and you feel that you deliver it perfectly.  However, you’re not closing many sales with healthcare professionals.  What’s wrong? Maybe it’s what’s in your head and if you want to move forward with your product or service, you need to fix this first.

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2 thoughts on “If Your Medical Sales Presentations Are Bombing, Maybe You Need To Change Your Thinking”

  1. Great Message today. I laughed because after several years in medical sales I realized I do this. I would learn my product in and out and do so great in the networking one on one sales calls to build support for the product and then in the “formal” presentation turn on the robotic “professional mode that lacked confidence.

    My biggest challenge has been lacking such confidence with a change in direct report managers…for some reason I have had horrible experiences with the “change of the guards” as a result find my self challenged to maintain my confidence. The manager that hired me may have praised me for being a self starter, low maintenance rep and then for whatever reason a new manager is assigned to me and wants to know every detail of the work day and repeatedly points out my flaws. wrecks the confidence factor.
    thanks for the message it was great…

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