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Who Is Your Medical Sales Presentation About?

When you give a medical sales presentation to a prospect or customer, who is the presentation about?  The question is not WHAT, but WHO is it about.  Too many sales reps make the presentation about themselves, their companies, and their products and truthfully…your prospect can care less.  In this edition of the Medical Sales Guru Podcast, Mace Horoff describes WHO the presentation needs to be about and why.


You Can’t Win in Medical Sales If You Keep Playing It Safe

Want to rise to the top of the medical sales profession?  Then stop playing it safe by avoiding anything that might cause a customer to criticize you as being “too pushy.”  Sure, there’s a fine line, but if you’re not dancing close to the line and stepping out of your comfort zone when selling to your customers, you’re leaving sales opportunities and money on the table.  Listen as Mace Horoff discusses the need to be more assertive with your medical customers to keep your sales career moving forward and to help them care for their patients.


How a FREE 15 Minute Podcast Can Drive your Medical Sales Success

Medical sales is like playing a competitive sport — you need to develop and maintain specific skills if you expect to stay in the game, let alone win.  The highly competitive world of medical sales is not for the faint of heart or the unprepared sales rep.  Listen as Mace Horoff explains “What’s in it for YOU” when you spend 15 minutes with this free Podcast every week.