Relationship building in medical sales — It’s not just about the buyer

Most medical sales professionals are great at building relationships with customers who can say “yes” to their products or sign a purchase order, but if these are the only people you are paying attention to, you  may be leaving money on the table.  In this edition of the Medical Sales Guru Podcast, Mace Horoff describes a situation where the sale was influenced by a hospital employee who is not normally involved in the buying process. Learn to adapt an easy habit that could one day pay huge dividends with your customers.


2 thoughts on “Relationship building in medical sales — It’s not just about the buyer”

  1. Mace,
    We live and work in such a small community of medical sales professionals who sell orthopedic, in this case spine, implants. In this world it is difficult to find common principles and tecniques that are universal and apply to other markets as well as ours. That is why I want to thank you for being the voice of such a small, but powerful industry. Your advice is sound and your reputation in the field is great. I really enjoy listening and take a lot away from each presentation. Please keep up the great work! I have introduced many of my associates to your broadcasts, and will continue to. Thanks Mace
    Sam Compton

  2. Mace,

    I just shared your podcasts with my entire team (6 other sales reps and my manager) and many of them have thanked me. Your advice avoids the “rah, rah” tone of so many sales trainers and gives solid, practical advice in small enough chunks to be memorable and usable each and every sales day.

    Thanks again.

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