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When Customers Just “Like You as a Friend” and Allow You to Service the Hell Out of Them: How to Take Your Medical Sales to the Next Level

If you’ve been providing your healthcare customers with great service and it’s not bringing you the business you expect, here’s what you need to do–STOP!….that is, if they won’t reciprocate with more opportunities for you to grow your business.  Service is critically important, but you’re in the SALES business, not the SERVICE business.  Maybe you just need to change your thinking and then change your approach so that you can go beyond just being a “friend” to your customer.  Start the year right by adopting a new attitude that will move your business in an upward directions.


How to deal with customers in medical sales who won’t commit

The customer who says he is interested.  The customer who says he will use your product or service.  The customer who tells you that he or she will keep you in mind.  But you never hear from them and any attempts to follow-up are fruitless.  How do you deal with the frustration of customers who won’t commit?  In this episode of the Medical Sales Guru Podcast,  Mace Horoff discusses some ways to find out if the customer is serious, or just wasting your time and emotional energy.