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Stop Making Excuses…What Are the Real Reasons Why Your Healthcare Customers Buy?

Understanding the real reasons why your customers buy will dispel many of the standard excuses we frequently hear when they don’t.  Sure, all of the things that you think are important to your customers are…but their priorities might be a bit different than you would expect.  In this edition of The Medical Sales Guru Podcast, Mace Horoff discusses the results of a retail buying survey to help you understand what your healthcare customers really want when selecting products and services.


Mastering Medical Sales: The Essential Attitudes, Habits and Skills of High-earning Medical Sales Professionals is available to Order

I’m excited to announce that my long-awaited book, Mastering Medical Sales: The Essential Attitudes, Habits & Skills of High-earning Medical Sales Professionals will be released on February 15th and can now be ordered. I’m posting this here since I have received literally dozens and dozens of emails and phone calls from  The Medical Sales Guru Podcast subscribers wanting to know when and where they can buy the book.  The information in the book is real and it works – I share the attitudes, habits and skills that allowed me  to earn a phenomenal living in medical sales while making a difference in the lives of healthcare providers and their patients.

CLICK HERE to go to the book’s website at  Don’t forget to take a look at the index to get a feel for the depth of information that is included in the book.

Whether you’re just starting out in medical, pharmaceutical, dental, Biotechnology, or DME sales or you have been at it for years…this book was written for you.
Go to the book’s website now so you can answer your WIIFM.

The book can also be ordered on

Thanks for allowing me to take a moment to update you on the book!

Serious Medical Sales Professionals Do This To Maximize Their Sales Results with Every Call…Do You?

Your healthcare customers demand attention to detail from the vendors with whom they do business, but there is one thing you MUST do if you want to maximize your sales results and meet their expectations.  Do you know what it is?  In this edition of The Medical Sales Guru Podcast, Mace Horoff describes an essential habit that can separate the true medical sales professionals from the wannabe’s.


Stop Killing Your Medical Sales Presentations With Your I’s

You might have been told you have beautiful eyes, but your healthcare provider customers and prospects don’t give a darn about your I’s!  Don’t take it personally…this is a common mistake that so many medical sales reps repeat day in and day out and they are doing little to differentiate themselves from their competitors.  In this edition of the Medical Sales Guru Podcast, Mace Horoff discusses why you need to break  this sales-killing habit if you’re guilty.


If Your Medical Sales Presentations Are Bombing, Maybe You Need To Change Your Thinking

You’ve been to training.  You know your medical, dental, or pharmaceutical product or service inside and out.  You have rehearsed and perfected the sales presentation and you feel that you deliver it perfectly.  However, you’re not closing many sales with healthcare professionals.  What’s wrong? Maybe it’s what’s in your head and if you want to move forward with your product or service, you need to fix this first.


How to Get What You Want from Your Company, Your Boss and Support Staff in Medical Sales

I get frequent calls from medical sales people wanting my advice on how to ask for additional territory, additional inventory or equipment, additional sales support personnel, and other requests to management.  The key to getting what you want is amazingly simple, but it’s going to take some work on your part.  Listen to the podcast to learn the secrets of getting  your company, your boss and support staff to give you what you want.


How Your Medical Sales Competition Is Going to Beat You This Year

It’s a New Year and you’re ready to tear it up in your medical sales territory…well, your competition has other ideas.  Listen as Mace Horoff describes how your medical sales competition is conspiring to eat your lunch over the next twelve months.


You Can’t Succeed in Medical Sales without Work-Life Balance

Successful medical sales professionals are focused on their business.  They commit to doing the right stuff, day after day.  But if you don’t take care of yourself and the people in your life, you could pay a huge price.  In this edition of the Medical Sales Guru Podcast, Mace talks about the importance of work-life balance and his own experience with ignoring it early in his career.  Enjoy the podcast, and happy holidays!


In Medical Sales, Put It In Writing

Has it ever happened to you in your medical sales career where your customer asked you for one thing and you delivered something else, or vice versa?  Miscommunications in medicine can be harmful to the patient and harmful to your business.  In this edition of Medical Sales Guru Podcast, Mace Horoff discusses a simple way to be a professional, deliver the right thing for the patient and healthcare provider,  and CYA.  It’s usually not a question of if a miscommunication will bite you in medical sales, but when.  Here’s how to prevent it from happening.